Projectors & Hanging Signs

In the battle to be noticed on the high street, hanging and projecting signs are a clear winner. They have literally been around for centuries and are therefore an old reliable  sign type, largely due to the vastly beneficial fact that you can see the business before you get there. The sign type benefits from hanging or projecting out from the front wall or fascia and is visible to customers as they approach.

Talk to us today at Spencer Signs and let us design and manufacture a hanging or projecting sign that will give your business exposure on the high street and help your shop stand out from the rest.

Also known as a bus stop sign, a projection sign has a number of material options available, the most popular being simple folded aluminium trays mounted to an inner frame powder coated with applied vinyl details.  The face panels can also be fret cut with acrylic face details and house internal LED illumination which highlight certain areas of the design.

Hanging signs, often knows as pub signs and are the traditional option. This design is usually chosen where planning restrictions apply, or if your store is within a conservation area or listed.  Folded aluminium trays are often suspended from an aluminium bracket fixed to the wall or fascia. Timber can be used as a sign panel with decorative trims to compliment a traditional shop front style, we can add metalwork to complete the effect and in all cases, external illumination using LED trough lighting to give a greater visibility especially at night or during the winter months.

All types of sign can be manufactured to different shapes and sizes, colours and designs.  We can survey your site and advise you on the best way forward, taking into account the store surroundings and planning restrictions. These type of signs need advert consent from your local authority, we can take care of that too!

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