Not just for Christmas…

Make your business stand out with out illuminated sign solutions – a great way to increase visibility and stimulate the visual senses of customers and passers-by. Especially effective at night or during the winter months when visibility is often limited.

Your signs can be edge lit, face lit, or halo lit. Flexfaces can be fully face lit or blocked out so that the logos are illuminated only. Essentially, illuminated signs can be designed and fabricated to meet with a multitude of individual client specifications for applications, such as retail outlet branding, advertising, showroom and internal branding.

Halo illuminated letters are a popular trend on office buildings or in shopping centres. Acrylic or aluminium built up letters with LED strips mounted in to the rear to create a very elegant sign when placed on a dark backdrop. Another favourite in the high street are fret cut aluminium boxes with inlaid acrylic details, which can be illuminated to the side of the text or logo only for a pleasant glow or can be full face lit for maximum effect.

Below is an example of a Rolex sign using a folded aluminium box with pushed through acrylic text and crown logo, this prestigious sign was recently installed at Hugh Rice Jewellers in Hull.

Interestingly, we recently produced some Acrylic LED lit Christmas Baubles for JD Sports internal seasonal display.

Spencer Signs offer a fantastic range of options to put your name in lights:

  • Flexface signs with full or part illumination
  • Light Boxes
  • Acrylic internal Light Boxes or Letters
  • LED Signs
  • Tin can letter illumination
  • Illuminated Poster Frames
  • Internally illuminated Spirit-tex for internal displays
  • Face lit signs
  • External LED trough lights for Fascia or Hanging Signs
  • Edge lit signage
  • Built Up Letters with Face and Halo Illumination
  • Back lit signs

LED Illumination – The perfect choice for light consistency, low maintenance and cost efficiency.

  • Many of our internally illuminated signs currently use Agilight – Tridonic LED, which has the most advanced Versalenz Optic Technology in the industry at this moment in time. This means you can afford to use less product and space rows wider apart, still ensuring uniformity and optimum brightness on the face of the sign.
  • ONE white global colour consistency – AgiLight-Tridonic have market leading colour consistency with all their LED chips coming from a single bin. All chips are measured at less than 4-step MacAdam’s Ellipse (i.e. 4 steps away from a perfect white. To put this in perspective GE take their chips at 7 steps MacAdam’s Ellipse, Sloan at 5 steps and most general Chinese products at 8/9 steps or higher.
  • IP68 rated – all modules within their range are fully sealed and have full IP68 rating. A more comprehensive certification than UL Wet Rated certification from the USA.
  • Fully comprehensive 5 years Parts and Labour Warranty.
  • Constant current driven system – all modules in the system are manufactured using the best quality components to regulate the current flow through each module.

    50,000 hours lifetime – all modules have a 50,000 hour rating where they will ensure a minimum of 70% of the original light output.

    Led Trough lights are a very good alternative to internal illumination where planing restrictions apply, they often give the planners choice in conservation areas and listed buildings where illumination is permitted. Trough lights can be made to any length to suit your fascia or logo and can be finished in colours to match or complement your sign.  Double sided units are used for hanging signs.

    The illumination from these lights is local to the sign although usually used as a downlighter they can uplight your sign. Our slim profile lights provide a low cost, low consumption product with excellent brightness.

    William Hill shop front using trough lights for both the Fascia and Hanging Sign.

    All illuminated signs are subject to advertisement consent, we can arrange your application and consult with the local authority to make sure you sign and illumination meet local planning guidelines.

    Contact us to discuss your lighting we have a solution for you! 01482 325797