Illuminated Acrylic Signs

Fabricated Acrylic Boxes

A popular choice of Shopping Malls would be a fabricated illuminated acrylic box at the entrance. This type of sign is ideal where there are no fascia areas or landlord restrictions, the design creates and instant WOW. The examples below show items recently supplied to Three, which uses LED illuminated acrylic boxes with black acrylic logos to the face.

Examples of Three Shopping Mall Acrylic Box and Three Acrylic Projection Sign.

This type of bespoke sign can be produced in a variety of colours or can be vinyled and fret cut to create a variety of effects, the acrylic can be cut into any shape and can be used as projectors or suspended.

Aluminium Box with Acrylic Panels.

A simple cost effective sign solution often used by food/takeaway outlets, is an illuminated light box comprising an aluminium case housing an acrylic panel. The panel can be printed for menus or vinyled for external signs, or as in the example below upgraded to include acrylic letters to the face.

Dreams used this simple box in the centre of the overall fascia to achieve a contrast of appearances and highlight the dreams logo. The projection sign also is a simple aluminium box with acrylic panels. All signs include modern LED’s to give full face illumination to the signs.

The Sharps example shows a freestanding window display, which can also be suspended. It is an illuminated aluminium box with an acrylic panel which houses seasonal sales promotions.

Acrylic is a material with infinite possibilities. It can be fabricated into complex or intricate shapes, it is long lasting, it can be printed onto easily with reverse prints protecting the design. Edges can be flame polished to give a crisp, clean edge. We can also supply simple internal, non-illuminated acrylic panels for reception areas or internal display, acrylic letters illuminated or non-illuminated.

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