Bring your brand to life!!

Design Computer 1All design projects begin with a detailed discussion and briefing, enabling us to understand everything about your company. As part of our personal package to you the design team will create and present design concepts for the signs we are proposing for discussion. Once every detail has been fully examined and agreed we can start the manufacturing process in our production facility.

The computer hardware and software revolution has catapulted sign design into a new era. Here at Spencer Signs we embrace that technology, using the very latest Adobe software we can create signs to satisfy all of your needs and wants. A professional sign maker can achieve a professional, unique and stunning finished product through the use of computer aided programmes, however this does not mean that a professional sign maker can ignore certain principles of sign design, the practicalities of engineering and siting issues. Spencer Signs experienced Design Office Team work in parallel with our sign making department and our clients at every stage of a project to deliver the perfect product. Utilising design principles with factors such as sign location and visibility, the message, letter size, colour, type style, logo or graphics, layout, ourDesign Spotlight objective is to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd!

Many of our clients approach us with a distinct corporate identity and are looking for an expert approach to translate their brand into a stunning and practical sign. Our design team fully understands how to maintain the integrity of your brand and develop signs into workable specifications that are not only technically feasible, but are also cost effective to produce, again ensuring that value is added every step of the way. The sign message you convey must be simple and singular in idea. Since signs are scanned for only a short period of time, we can help you create a lasting impression.

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