Greenpark Totem Sign

Project: Green Park, Newport
Client: Horncastle Group Plc

The Story
Green Park Newport, a cutting edge Eco development located off the M62 on the arterial route into Hull. Developed by the Horncastle Group Plc, Green Park is an environmentally friendly 20 acre, mixed use business park consisting of prime office, industrial and leisure space, complete with 78m, 500kw wind turbine.

The Brief
Working with the Horncastle Group Plc and Alan Wood & Partners, Spencer Signs were challenged to design a 3-sided free-standing sign complete with individual internally illuminated face and halo letters to 2no. faces.

The proposed location of the sign in a yet undeveloped portion of land parallel with the developments entrance/exit road posed many challenges due to a rising water main, open drainage channel and gas supply all within close proximity.  Also, the closest known electrical supply was located some 60 metres away and buried within a duct, precise location unknown.


The Result
Detailed planning, a bespoke foundation and steelwork design and the procurement of a specialist groundworks contractor for all mechanical excavations proved to be key to the success of this project. The sign now compliments the overall aesthetics of the development, with the crisp illumination of the highly efficient LED providing a presence for the sign within its surrounding landscape.